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La question
Posté le 17 Octobre 2018 à 16:45

2 messages
Inscrit le 17/10/2018
Tailored Communicating with ping pong

A panel comprising participants in the Risk and Insurance Management Society's convention held in Atlanta, GA, in Apr. 1997 showed the requirement for communicating to attain corporate objectives. Volunteers in the audience were made to behave like ping pong makers without speaking. They made ping pong balls till they suited the specifications of the customer. This type of demonstration, however, ought to be corrected according to the type of students within the audience.

ATLANTA - What do pingpong balls, the bombing at last year's Olympic Games and Pac Man all have in common? Is ping pong table reviews on best website.
A weapon used all of them in describing ways of risk managers to efficiently communicate.
To demonstrate the significance of communicating, the panel at a semester during the Risk & Insurance Management Society Inc.'s conference earlier this month in Atlanta established its own"factory" made of boxes and tubes.
Staffed by"volunteers" chosen from the crowd, the factory manufactured special pingpong balls. Each individual performed one part of the procedure, like loading the chunks into the manufacturing chamber - a plastic box - or approving the final shipment.
What made the process difficult was none of those workers was permitted to speak. And their performance in pingpong balls reflected their level of communicating. Not one of the chunks were okay to the"client," another session attendee. Criteria for approval were supplied beforehand.
However, after the workers could speak and make some alterations to the procedure, the chunks were accepted, demonstrating the importance of communication in achieving corporate goals.

Adjusting a demonstration to fit the viewer is a critical aspect of communication, stated David Mair, risk manager of the United States Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs, Colo..
He said there are four types of students:

* Visible learners, who learn by seeing.
* Auditory students, who learn by hearing.
* Kinetic learners, who learn by doing.
* Those who utilize a hybrid of the three.
* For anyone take about ping pong: Best Ping Pong Paddles In The World And How To Choose Them

In earning a presentation, a risk manager should tailor it to the kind of learner. However, as is most often the case, when a person does not understand the style of the crowd, one has to adapt, he said.
"What we must do is put together a blend of mechanisms so that everyone has the ability to remove what you're communicating," Mr. Mair said.
Understanding the aim of the presentation also decides how to present it. For Instance, Mr. Mair was the danger manager throughout the bombing at the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta. Immediately after the bombing,'' Mr. Mair needed feedback from different individuals to ascertain what was happening to create a response, '' he said.
To try it,"You're going to provide them information with another focus than if you're only trying to tell them something," he said.
Mr. Mair also emphasized the value of images and how they may be used to improve a presentation. However he cautioned, any graph or chart has to be carefully drawn to make the desired stage.
For instance, Mr. Mair revealed a pie graph with two small pieces taken out on the right side, like slices of pie being consumed by Pac Man. With no explanatory text to recognize the chart it might have many meanings, such as a significant organization eating smaller ones. "Par Person is angry and hungry," is 1 interpretation, Mr. Mair said.
After figures and words are added, but"the message changes fairly remarkably," Mr. Mair said, to change the graph to reflect how his organization's money is invested.

The hungry Pac Man picture can be used if that is the goal,'' he added. It might be effective in making a presentation to investors that want to feel they're eating the resistance.
But he warns to not create the charts so busy that the message becomes dropped. "We can not talk what's them if you do not understand what I'm trying to let you know," he explained.
Knowing how to get to the audience is another important ability in communicating, Mr. Mair said. A distinct style is needed when covering other risk managers in comparison to reaching out to field individuals in an organization.
"Do not discuss rocket science with" area individuals, advises Cali Dietrich, risk manager for Coors Brewing Co. in Golden, Colo.. She recommends that risk managers keep the message simple with no technical words, or you can level up your technical by the way practices with table tennis machine ball.
Mr. Mair added that putting the duty of the risk manager when it comes ordinary men and women understand helps you to get the message across. By way of instance, when speaking to non-insurance people, he describes risk as driving with a full cup of hot coffee on your lap. And risk management, '' he explained, is placing a little coffee in a large cup to decrease the chances of spilling.
Before you're able to communicate efficiently with the group, you have to be aware of the expectations of those in the crowd, Mr. Mair said. Planning will allow you to tailor the presentation to match the audience. "You can not do something that satisfies the needs and needs of everyone in your crowd," he explained.
Donald Pasmore, vp and director of risk management for FCC Services Inc. in Denver, also spoke at the session.
Diane Berry, director of risk management applications for FCC Services Inc. at Denver moderated the session.
Margy McKenna, director of risk and rewards for Jones Intercable in Englewood, Colo., coordinated the session.

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