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Bonjour , présentation

La question
Posté le 1 Septembre 2017 à 11:27

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Inscrit le 1/9/2017
The five-minute guide to ... ping-pong

It's time someone stood up in America here to the sport of Ping-Pong. As a sport of the gods, table tennis has its due Back in France and Sweden and China. We say it's time to get a stateside revival. When the clatter of volleys matches the country's bars and basements we can not wait for the day. And in any case, we are tired of getting beaten by girls at pool. That is why we've asked Ping-Pong legend Marty Reisman to volunteer some of guidance and their dining table wisdom. For more than half a century, Reisman (aka the Neddle), winner of twenty five names, has contributed style, wit, and dash of theatrics to the very simple match of wooden paddles.

The Gear

PADDLES (best ping pong paddle ping pong start)

The hard-rubber bat has faded in use and glory ever since Japanese player Hiroji Satoh conquer the Needle at Bombay using a newfangled sponge bat at the 1952 World Championships. The now sponge bat is cushioned and squishy with a layer of rubber sandwiched between the blade and the nearly sticky rubber face. This excess girth and"stickiness" really grasps the ball, producing lightning speed along with a feral spin, giving its owner the easy benefit. The bat--that the one with pips that are protruding, or dimples --does have one advantage: It's for putting shots better. Purists like the Needle argue that rubber paddles make for rallies and games that are better.

Our pick of sponge bat is the Kenji by Butterfly. It's easy and lightweight to grip its foam-core handle absorbs vibration. ($50;
From Martin Kilpatrick, we recommend the Hurricane for hard bats. It offers a whole lot of control without inducing spin. It is the perfect paddle for novices.
BALLS Our decision is that the Stiga Three Star, that is employed in global competition and is one of the best the business makes.

The Rules

The official regulations have gotten a makeover in the last few decades Here are the important alterations.
Games go with support switching every 2 points, to eleven rather than twenty-one with ping pong machine nice.
The size of the official ball has jumped from thirty-eight to millimeters. It's a change. The ball tends to float.
Whenever you are currently functioning, the ball must be thrown completely in the front of the human body. This makes it easier for gamers to read serves and helps reduce serve-return errors, resulting in points.

The Moves

The clasp:

The"shake-hands" grip style is the most often used, together with fingers gripping the handle and the forefinger extended on the blade.
The stance: Stand diagonally knees bent, leaning forward at the waist.
The forehand drive: A stroke between an up swing, like a salute, followed through to the middle of the forehead, like the flourish of a matador. The stroke creates by scraping on the ball around the swing top-spin, causing it to drop when it strikes the internet.
The backhand push: An stroke, similar to the forehand drive, that permits up the paddle -- thumb to scrape over the ball near the very top of its bounce topspin. The follow-through should resemble flinging a Frisbee, with the paddle to the net.
The forehand chop: A defensive stroke where the paddle starts then slashes in and snapping upon touch. The paddle scratches underneath the ball, almost at the bottom of its own rebound and gives it sufficient backspin so it drops after clearing the internet.
The chop: A defensive stroke like the forehand chop, but the stroke is an out-and-downward slashing motion. As from the forehand chop, your system ought to be from the table and weight should be spread to the foot.

Coach's Corner

Along the way to becoming a global Ping-Pong celebrity, the Needle discovered a thing or 2.
"Don't overwhelm your opponent with a barrage of smashes. The more competitive your play, the larger the possibility of missing. Keep it steady."
"Purchase your own racket and be used to using it. The touch is indeed critical. It's as important to a Ping-Pong participant as a Stradivarius is to a concert violinist"
Your opponent vulnerable area is his middle. That's no-man's-territory and compels your adversary into picking his backhand or forehand to execute the stroke. A competitive attacking shot struck directly into the gut usually scores the stage."

"The drop shot, a chunk placed just over the internet, should be used whenever your competitor is backed away from the table. The drop shot that is effective is you slap it over to the hand and when your competitor's ball bounces close to the net; it is impossible to generate a fantastic drop shot once the ball bounces deep on your side of the desk. But a poorly executed drop, bouncing too high, may offer your opponent the chance to grab the attack from you"
"The nonplaying arm shouldn't ever hang limply at your side. It has to be prolonged during play to your playing arm as a counterbalance. All good players possess a busy nonplaying arm."

The Table

"The table surface shall be divided into two'courts' of equal size by a vertical net running parallel to the conclusion lines."
You can read more reviews about table here: Best Ping Pong Tables In The World - How To Make The Right Choice

Random Facts

Like tennis, Ping-Pong's ancestor is jeu de paume, a match played with monks having leather balls and gloves of hair, wool, or cork.
Ping-Pong is performed by over 250 million people globally. China has over ten million registered players--more than a million times as many as the United States
The stage in championship play was in 1936: It lasted two hours and thirty minutes.

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Posté le 1 Septembre 2017 à 12:39
tropee jean-marc

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Mon site

Bienvenue dans le monde de Wifeo et sur son forum où tu y trouveras toutes les docs et aides utiles à la réalisation de ton site.

A très bientôt.

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Posté le 1 Septembre 2017 à 17:20

Bonjour et bienvenue

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